Hope, understanding, and practical strategies that really work.

End mealtime battles and anxiety with practical strategies and tips to help turn around even “extreme” picky eating.  Relationship-building steps replace power struggles, rewards and bribes. Help your child eat to the best of their ability.

                        What parents are saying 

 It’s never too late. Understand why you relate to food the way you do, and explore tools to help you:

support your appetite, decrease anxiety, make peace with food, eat out with confidence, and enjoy better health.


about the authors

Relational feeding specialist Katja Rowell MD and speech and feeding therapist Jenny McGlothlin MS, CCC-SLP have created supportive resources for infants to adults to address selective eating.

responsive feeding therapy is-


Explore ideas and specific techniques that will broaden your understanding of eating challenges and give you direction to help.


start with one step

With reassurance, information and practical strategies, our books help individuals and families deal with challenges that can feel unsolvable.

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