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To move from that place of fear to this moment in time, I had to trust TJ with eating. It sounds easy.

It’s not.

Sky Van Zetten

Mealtime Hostage

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Our go-to resource for parents struggling with extreme picky eating is the blog and facebook page called Mealtime Hostage. Skye Van Zetten, mother of a selective eater, is the creator and moderator of the private facebook support group for parents. This safe space provides support, resources,  a listening ear, and more.

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SUMMARY OF TWEET CHAT 1/21/2016: Understanding an ARFID Diagnosis and Children Struggling with Selective Eating

Kerzner paper in Academy of Pediatrics Classifying and managing feeding challenges Mei 2004 article on shifts in percentiles in children’s growth Failure to Thrive Current Clinical practice, Pediatric Review 2011 Legler paper  Assessment of Abnormal Growth Curves  Gurze Eating Disorder catalog Q and A Hobart Davies paper Reconceptualizing feeding and feeding disorders in interpersonal context  Blog post on avoiding trauma in pediatric feeding therapies  Zucker article on psychological and psychosocial impairment with selective eating  Pediatric Feeding News  book excerpt on bridging to new foods What is author’s STEPS+ approach 5 Common Problems behind extreme picky eating Real Mom Nutrition blog What is “extreme” picky eating?  blog post, author’s definition Suzanne Evans-Morris SLP PhD on the importance of happiness at mealtimes Autism and branching out article by Marsha Dunn-Klein MEd, OT Sensory input and the mouth article by Suzanne Evans-Morris SLP, PhD Black and Aboud framing of Responsive Feeding Visual and message on importance of trust and relationship with feeding America Did Not Invent the Picky Eater blog from Mealtime Hostage Mothers with ED may struggle with feeding cues and responsive feeding  Squires 2014 paper Resources for responsive feeding support and anticipatory guidance: English 2009, and 2015 Kerzner paper identify Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility as responsive feeding “operationalized” (English). The following include parent and professional resources. The website is a wealth of free articles and learning modules. Feeding with Love and Good Sense II DVD Child of Mine Feeding Pamphlets age appropriate, short and to the point Masters for primary care easy-to-read handouts for anticipatory guidance and avoiding harm

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Happiness is the most important factor at mealtimes and in therapy programs to help children develop feeding skills. Unhappiness gets in the way of helping children move toward their most comfortable and skillful relationship with food and liquid.

Suzanne Evans-Morris SLP, PhD

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