conquer picky eating for teens and adults, what “conquer” means to you

When we were mulling over the title of our book for teens and adults, we hit on the word  “conquer.”

Conquer Picky Eating for Teens and Adults

Conquer is a bold word, and one that we invite you to define in a way that works for you. 

conquer: to overcome, get the better of, control, master, get a grip on, deal with, cope with, surmount, rise above, get over; quell, quash, beat, triumph over

As we write in the book: “Success” with eating looks different for different people. Some of you may turn into “foodies” down the road, and others will learn to enjoy enough foods to eat out comfortably, or you might add a handful of foods to round out basic nutritional needs.

Why not reach for the stars? You might not have to settle for slogging through meals, or having to chase every bite with a slurp of soda or a piece of candy as you may have been told. For some, taking eating from a negative experience to at least neutral (or not unpleasant) may be enough.”


What does “conquer” mean to you?

What do you hope to rise above, triumph over, or deal with in terms of your relationship with food? 



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