Help Your Child With Extreme Picky Eating


“Lots of books promise to help solve picky eating.

This one actually does.

It’s a comprehensive masterpiece of feeding advice for the parent struggling with a food-averse child.”


-Skye Van Zetten, mom of a selective eater and blogger at Mealtime Hostage

Who We Are

Relational feeding specialist Katja Rowell MD and speech and feeding therapist Jenny McGlothlin MS, CCC-SLP have created a supportive resource that provides valuable information and practical advice to deal with a problem that feels unsolvable.
More about the authors.

Resources for Your Family

Find resources from cups and utensils to specific therapy gear that supports oral motor and sensory development. Find articles from the authors and experts in the fields of occupational and speech therapy, as well as the ultimate experts—parents.

The Book

“My only wish is that I’d had this book when my children were babies!”

End mealtime battles and anxiety with practical, up-to-date strategies and tips to help turn around even ‘extreme’ picky eating. Relationship-building steps replace the power struggles and rewards and bribes that don’t help children learn to eat to the best of their abilities. Available everywhere books are sold and e-books.

About the book

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