picky eating workbook for teens and adults




It’s never too late

Support your appetite

Decrease anxiety

Make peace with food

Eat out with confidence

Enjoy better health

Discover new foods you enjoy

These wise authors cover everything from the mechanics of how to try/learning to like new foods to recovering from the shame of not being adventurous with eating. I will recommend this book to many, many clients.

Elizabeth Jackson RD, LDN

A long overdue, step-by-step guide that actually helps teens and adults make peace with food.

Skye Van Zetten

founder, Mealtime Hostage blog and online support

This workbook offers respectful, validating, and empowering guidance for teens and adults who want to expand their eating on their own terms.

Katherine Zavodni, MPH, RD


downloadable PDFs

food preferences list

One page handout for parents on helping teens and adults on their food journey


resource for Dealing with Anxiety

James R. Doty Alphabet of the Heart Meditation

Anxiety Workbook for Teens, New Harbinger Publications

Body Image Workbook for Teens New Harbinger

Yoga for Anxiety: Meditations and Practices for Calming the Body and Mind by NurrieStearns




Calm “reduce anxiety, sleep better and feel happier”

Relax Melodies


Headspace for meditation and mindfulness

Insight Timer meditation

HeartMath Inner Balance app and ear monitor for phones and tablets

Stream Journal  journaling app

Perspective Daily Journal App

Aloe self-care app and website


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