What is “Responsive” Feeding Therapy?

Responsive feeding therapy is facilitating (re)discovery of internal cues, curiosity and strengths, while building skills (mastery).


“You don’t teach development, development is discovery.”

Serena Wieder PhD (video on DIR Floortime)


Responsive therapies respond to each child, meeting the child where he or she is, not following a strict protocol without deviation.





By necessity, this occurs within a relationship. The primary is between the parent and the child, otherwise known as the “feeding relationship.” (Satter, Chatoor…)



Responsive feeding and feeding therapies also happen in relationship between the child and any adult feeding or providing food and meals to the child, and with any therapists involved in more formal therapies.



“Happiness is the most important factor at mealtimes and in therapy programs to help children develop feeding skills.”

Suzanne Evans Morris SLP PhD
Therapist and author, Pre-Feeding Skills



What do you think? What do responsive feeding therapies mean to you?

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